Welcome to Moscow, Idaho

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Some reservations have minimum stay requirements that may or may not include specific dates.

All cancellations and changes to reservations must be made by the cancellation deadline.

For reservations with 1-2 rooms, the cancellation deadline is (3) days prior to check-in by 10pm.

For more than 2 rooms, the cancellation deadline varies. For specific information please contact the front desk at (208) 885-1480 to confirm your cancellation date.

Guests with late cancellations or no-show reservations will be charged for the first night of their reservation. On two nights minimum dates the charge will be for both nights.

This is a non-smoking and non-pet property. A fee of $150 per room will be charged for smoking in any room or having pets on the property.

Reservations with deposit will receive a full refund if made within cancellation deadline. Late cancellations with deposit will not receive a refund.